Politics as a field of study

Political Science is the study of government, public policies and political behavior. The major in Political Science provides students with a broad program of study designed to promote effective civic participation as a citizen, public servant, or elected official. The curriculum requires students to complete course work in all four areas of the CSUCI mission: interdisciplinary, experiential and service learning, international and multicultural studies. The major develops skills in critical analysis and oral and written communication. It promotes an understanding of contemporary political systems and institutions, emphasizes competency in the basic tools of political science, and focuses on the relationship between Political Science and the other disciplines. Since politics and economics are so closely tied together, the program recommends that each student complete a basic course in economics (either ECON 300 or ECON 110 and 111) as part of the course of study. In addition, the program encourages students to become competent in a second language and recommends international study for political science students interested in international affairs.


The Political Science major will prepare students for careers in federal, state and local governments; law; business; international organizations; nonprofit associations and organizations; campaign management and polling; journalism; education; electoral politics, research and advocacy. In addition, the major in Political Science prepares students for graduate and professional study in the field of Political Science as well as International Relations, Law, and Public Administration. 

Student Resources 
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Program & Course Learning Outcomes

Political Science Program Flyer (PDF, 1.62MB)